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West Buildings, Osberton Grange,
Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0UF
United Kingdom

The home of Osberton Nurseries, grower of top quality Rhododendrons in the heart of Nottinghamshire, England

Azalea Mary Helen


Azalea Mary Helen


Azalea Mary Helen


Large white flowers late in the season.

Flowers late May to late June

Grows to 60 to 90cm

The group of evergreen azaleas are smaller in habit than the deciduous ones. Some are more evergreen than others and we try to always include that information in our descriptions. Don't be put off if a variety holds less leaf in winter as they often have very beautiful flowers. 

The flowers on evergreen azaleas vary from small to mid-sized and to larger. The smaller ones have a more traditional Oriental look while the larger ones are more modern and dramatic. All evergreen azaleas are great for pots.

Our evergreen azaleas are mature plants with one plant per pot. We do not offer inferior plants where three cuttings are put in a pot to enable growers to sell more immature plants as if they were full grown ones.  

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